SiFotonics Announced Industry First 8x100G ER1 nWDM QSFP28 Transceivers

08 Jun 2021


SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd, a pioneer and global leader in silicon photonics optical networking solutions, today announced introduction of industry first 8x100G extended reach nWDM QSFP28 optical transceivers specified by tier-one customers, which will be targeted for 5G and data center connections.

“ The 8x100G ER1 nWDM QSFP28 product line is an extension of our earlier work on 100G ER1-30 and 100G ER1-40 with 100G Lambda MSA, and offers significant additional benefits for customers to deploy high bandwidth in wide range of 5G front haul, middle haul, back haul and data center connectivity applications economically”, said Dr. Rang-Chen Yu, Sr. Vice President of SiFotonics, “ 8x100G ER1 nWDM product solution is designed with low dispersion O-band WDM, enables up to 8x100G data transmission over a single pair fiber, or 4x100G bidirectional transmission with single fiber, so customers can deploy service fast, save significant cost, and enjoy ‘pay as you grow’ economics. SiFotonics advanced Ge/Si APD receiver is a key enabler to increase link budget and extend transmission distance. With PAM4 digital signal processing, 8x100G ER1 nWDM QSFP28 offers significant advantage in lower latency, lower power, lower cost compares to coherent detection solutions, and can be readily installed into all mainstream 100G QSFP28 ports. More than 8 wavelength channels are also possible with further development.”

“This is another industry first after we introduced 100G ER1 SFP56-DD solutions. We are proud of our team to continue providing innovative solutions to help customers rolling out 5G networks and data center services with superior economics. In the last two years, we have shipped over 10 million Ge/Si photodetection chips for global 5G and data center deployment. In addition, we are also shipping silicon photonics coherent integrated circuit chips at high volume. With 400G/800G PAM4 and coherent silicon photonics PIC and engine in development pipeline, SiFotonics is fast becoming an industry leader with broadest silicon photonics product portfolio solutions”, further added by Dr. Dong Pan, Founder and CEO of SiFotonics.

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