About Us

Founded in 2001, UMC Capital is the fully owned subsidiary and Corporate Venture Capital arm of UMC Corp. which is dually listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) and NYSE.
UMC Capital is an Evergreen fund, not only do we provide long term capital to our portfolio companies, we also provide management consulting and other services where ever may be needed. With offices in the US, China & Taiwan, we invest globally and strategically through venture capital methods not limited to any rounds or stage, as well as through M&A. Working hand in hand with innovative entrepreneurial teams to achieve success and provide corporate innovation as well as new growth momentum.

A Resource Sharing Partnership Ecosystem, Building Success Together

UMC Capital works within the UMC Corp. ecosystem which has over 40 years of experience in partnering with upper, mid and lower stream providers in the global semiconductors and deep tech industry. We bring together partners spanning across sectors to learn best industrial practices, build complementary bonds and create long term growth. With a creative and innovative approach, UMC Capital team provides professional strategic advisory for sustainable growth, and actively assists enterprises to cope with the challenges along the way.

CVC with Flexible Capital

With a global perspective, we seek to create synergies and value to our portfolios and the UMC Group, through a multipronged approach, including strategic cooperation, business partnership, as well as traditional capital investments.

Innovation Through Collaboration

UMC Capital inherits UMC Group's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. We take in our view through the lens of industrial experience, expertise and global market integration to assist companies to make their way through different stages. From early phase, expansion to late stage, as well as transformative reconstruction phase in order to drive success.


Capital Driven Innovation

Our Team has a multitude of experience, not only just as professional investors, but also as experts in business operation, marketing, sales and management. Bearing the concepts of openness, cooperation, innovation and knowledge sharing in mind, we help partners alike to innovate new solutions, save R&D cost and cycles, boost competitiveness and drive market momentum through strategic collaboration, investments and M&A.

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